Numismatics Inventory Manager™

Manage your coin inventory from one centralized system

Numismatics Inventory Manager™ (NIM) from e-BizSoft is a coin management inventory system especially designed by coin dealers, for coin dealers. Used by the industry’s leaders, NIM allows dealers to manage coin and other collectibles inventory.

NIM™ is designed to integrate with QuickBooks® from Intuit®.

  • Manage rare and modern coins, watches, artwork, books, and other collectibles with one comprehensive inventory management system.
  • List coins on eBay and Collectors Corner with just a few clicks.
  • NIM seamlessly integrates all buying and selling financial and inventory transactions with QuickBooks®: Sales Orders, Invoices, POs, Payments, etc.
  • Buy, sell, and submit coins for grading with just a few clicks.
  • Supports splits, consignments, and a brand new feature which allows syndication of coins amongst other coin dealers using NIM.
  • Separate retail sales module tracks sales, commissions, and allows workflow for order approvals.
  • Comes with an optional complete scrap metal purchasing module.
  • Web-based coin management interface gives you access to your coin inventory from anywhere in the world.
  • Define bullion coins by formulas and update pricing with one click for precious metals spot pricing.
  • Supports multiple inventory location tracking: Site, Warehouse, Shelf, and Bin.
  • Comes with built in shipping interface to FedEx and UPS, allows users to print labels effortlessly.
  • Allows Credit Card, ACH, and Check by Phone payments processing.
  • Let’s you keep track of phone calls, tasks, wish lists, and customer requests.
  • Maintains a complete history of a coin’s movements and activities while it is with the dealership, including purchase, submissions for grading, and check-ins when returned from grading, sales, consignment, splits, and syndication.
  • Database comes preloaded with coin categories from Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).
  • Allows you to receive, buy, and purchase coins and collectibles by scanning PCGS or NGS barcodes.
  • Generates unique internal barcodes for coins and inventory; barcodes contain the price code, cost code, and the date of purchase. This allows for easy access to coin history.
  • Allows dynamic searches to be performed at both the unique inventory level and the coin category level.
  • Allows for comprehensive searches based on denominations, year, country, grading cycles and many other attributes, including search-by-barcode scan.
  • Supports picture thumbnails of coins for visually examining entries.
  • Comes bundled with aging, inventory tracking, sales reports, and more coin centric reporting.
  • Allows faxing and emailing of coin aging reports to customers and other entities from address book.
  • Prints detailed submission forms for coins when they are submitted for grading.
    Coin Inventory System Screenshot

    Coin Inventory System Screenshot

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